Caged Existence – Human Disease (New Music)

Melbourne hardcore band Caged Existence have today announced a new single as well as the news of an upcoming EP. Verbally touched on during their set at the Endless Heights show at Northcote Social, the band have now officially confirmed that The Body Prison is set for release on 25th of May. The EP will feature the already-released “Demonized”, new track “Human Disease”, and three other tracks. The Body Prison had mixing, mastering, and vocal tracking performed by Christopher Vernon, with guitar and drum tracking courtesy of Paul Hammon and Declan White respectively.

Dark and downward dragging riffs are where “Human Disease” starts. Descriptions of destruction courtesy of humankind rip forth with sharp vitriol. Crushing heaviness reflects the doomsday march of arrogant existence, where a dead end of destruction leaves no possibility for revival.

“A product of mass destruction.
There will be no air left to breathe.”

The five piece of Steffanie (vocals), Jake (drums & vocals), Angelyn (bass), Paul (guitar), and Will (guitar), are the new poster kids of Melbourne hardcore, and “Human Disease” showcases their slick sound. Grinding steadily to a halt with satisfying riffage, the new track is a definite whetting of the appetite for hardcore fans.

Check out “Human Disease” via Bandcamp, and get yourself sorted with pre-ordering a 7″ vinyl, downloadable, or wearable versions of The Body Prison HERE.

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Caged Existence – The Body Prison


1. Caged Existence
2. Demonized
3. Human Disease
4. Body Prison
5. Fabricated


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