DIVIDE – Last Words (Track Of The Day, 17th December)

Alternative rock band DIVIDE have our Track Of The Day today. The five piece from Glasgow are Nicole Mason (vocals), David Lennon (guitar), Connor MacLeod (guitar), Scott Johnston (drums), and Stephen Ladds (bass).  “Last Words” is the second track from DIVIDE’s Embers EP which was released last month.

“Last Words” uses strong beats to set the scene of restless determination of one who has found herself stuck, with life still moving around her frozen self. She’s searching for someone to remove the metaphorical chains she’s found herself under.

The relevance of “Last Words” as the title is that the song is expressing the point of view of someone observing their own lifeless body with regret, after having committed suicide. They’re (as the soul or spirit, perhaps) refusing to leave their body.

“Give back my life which no one owns
Undo this death, rewire and connect, I don’t want to fall victim yet”

The track’s riffs are catchy and keep us moving along with the story, as does a surprisingly upbeat vibe to this dark subject matter. The aching vocals gain strength from the instrumentation, and the chorus then feels like both a call for help as well as a command.

The heart-aching bridge with precision breakdowns, feels like a breaking of the spell of lifelessness to fall back into the rough pain of existence, as a preference to losing life and being a victim to loneliness.

The track feels open-ended musically, but the gorgeous and powerful music video will show you how this resolves. You can also stream Embers below via Spotify.

Connect with the band via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WEAREDIVIDE



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