Blood, Sweat & Beers: Dear Seattle’s Self-Titled EP Review

Noted to have a Silverchair-like sound; Dear Seattle’s journey are stoked to be where they are today and releasing their self-titled EP. Brae, Jeremy, Simmo and Josh are from Sydney’s northern beaches and have been blown away from the support and attention they have received since Triple J Unearthed made a post about the boys on Facebook in February this year.

Brae had originally planned on heading over to South America with National Geographic this year, but cancelled his flight after the Triple J post. This was the moment that the boys realised this was definitely worth doing and that they were stoked on the EP.

Future plans were placed on hold and Dear Seattle have toured with Columbus and Kingswood at venues around the country so far this year.

The EP was created after the boys spent a week on a farm for 7 days jamming and drinking beers. “Instead of writing song by song in a bedroom over an extended period of time, we chose to go away for a week to a farm in the middle of nowhere and just churn it out as a group. In my opinion, that’s the reason it is all so connected and whole, because it truly is a snapshot of where we were at in that period of time,” Brae shared.

The EP is a sweet set of six songs with melodic-grungy tunes that take you on a path of re-invention. Brae describes it as an “evolution of the self”. It was written in a dark time after a recent break up.

Track one “The Things You Do” starts you on the journey with sick guitar strings pulling you in. The drums come in and you know you are in for a good time. The lyrics give you insight to the pain with a definite 90’s grunge vibe.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve pointing your gun at me…. You’re so weak”.

Track two “Cut You Deep” takes you on the next stage of the journey. You can tell there is a different perspective with the lyrics “I’m so sorry for how I’ve been acting and I know that I’m just over-reacting”. The emotions can be felt yet the track still has an uplifting vibe and catchy beat.

Track three “The Meadows” is the break-through track for the band. This track has already received so much love and likened the band to Violent Soho, who are one of Australia’s hottest bands.

“You’re not lost, don’t be scared” gives you feelings of re-assurance and makes you just want to have a good time! Maybe drink another beer.

“F*ck being sad. I’m so over it. F*ck having my head three feet in the sand”.


Track four “Concrete” has a punk-rock vibe to it. This track has similar vibes to The Smith Street Band and Luca Brasi. You can feel the weight and the heavy-heartedness that is being felt again;

“Cause I just wanna know..will anybody show..
any signs of grief when I’m down below”.

Track five “Quiet” is the slower paced of the six;

“Help me find a way to stay positive
‘Cause I can’t figure it out so I’ll just stay quiet”.

The lead up to the chorus and the instrumentals really make you feel the emotions. This track has similar vibes to another Aussie band Trophy Eyes. This track is probably my favourite!

Track six “Afterthought” is the second single release from Dear Seattle this year. It is a definite grunge track with the drums and guitars executing a mood-lifting vibe. “I think with my d*ck and I over drink but at least I’m f*cking happy”. The track finishes the EP journey on a positive note;

“Hope tells me that I’m getting somewhere soon”.

The instrumentals towards the end of the track have a real ‘f*ck-yeah’ -vibe.


Overall, the self-titled EP’s grungy tunes and catchy lyrics, captivate you and take you on a short but friggen’ sweet journey.

Dear Seattle’s EP will be available 14th of July, and you can also have a sneaky listen to the tracks by pre-ordering now on iTunes.

You can also check them out doing shoey’s on stage when they headline their tour along the east coast of the country. Dates and details can be found from the link below:

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