DBMK – Boxing Gloves (Track Of The Day, 14th March)

Track Of The Day belongs to the DBMK track “Boxing Gloves”, from their incredible 2016 album Collapse.

We are huge DBMK fans at Depth Mag because of their unique sound and experimental approach to creating music. Each of DBMK’s songs is a musical trip of unexpected delights, and “Boxing Gloves” is no exception.

When “Boxing Gloves” begins with beeps and pulses and bops, there’s no hint that a big ballad-esque chorus would be coming. But it does, and without even realising it, you find yourself taken along by the song and bouncing along with it.

Slip into your sin and let it take you back home
Feel a little more alive and a little less alone
I just want your words I don’t care if they hurt
I want them leaning on my chest and pulling at my shirt, she said”

DBMK seemed to give room for individual interpretation of their music on Collapse, and for us this song is heavy with infatuation and navigating this, through feeling, wanting, being reserved/closed, and going a little crazy in the process. In a good way.

And I can’t get you out from under my skin
You make my head dumb when you step in”

Stream “Boxing Gloves” here, you can also watch it be performed at Florida Southern College below.

📷 of Kyle Knudsen by Taylore Moore

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