Columbus – Next To Me (New Music)

Brisbane alternative punk trio Columbus have been working on new music since their 2016 release Spring Forever, and today shared the release of single “Next To Me”.

On social media, Columbus have shared that the upcoming EP (also Next To Me) will have four ‘reinterpreted’ acoustic versions of previously released songs, as well as the new track. Next To Me EP drops on 28th May.

In terms of the new track, “Next To Me” slips from what feels like sweet and smooth commentary, into a harder, and more angst-laden territory. The lyrics romanticise the realness of a lover.. who just can’t stay because of their own pain.

“Your breath deep,
but inside your chest your heart weeps,
since the day that they left.

But you keep me dreaming,
when you’re thinking of leaving”

It’s a great track, feeling hurting and haunting in amongst the sweet alt punk sound. Check out the music video below, (in which Alex, Daniel and Ben are looking mighty fine with their costume changes) or stream via Spotify.

You can pre-order Next To Me EP now:

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