Colour & Shade – The Path (New Music)

We shared Melbourne based Colour & Shade with you last year when they released their debut single “Composure”.  The five piece are back again with a new single and music video. They’re also back with news of their self-titled debut album.

Colour & Shade features Zak Knight (guitar & vocals), Tim Greenwood (vocals), Mat Purcell (guitar), Chris Heyward (bass) and Graham King (drums). They’ve spent the last year working with Troy Brady of The Amity Affliction, In Hearts Wake, and Wish For Wings, and are now ready to announce that their self-titled debut album will be releasing on 9th March, with pre-orders available via iTunes now.

“I hate that I can’t pick up my bones and run”

“The Path” as second single from Colour & Shade is a crushing piece with impactful riffs and lavish layers. Distorted vocals reflect the inner plaguing by mental pressures and judgements. With force and crisp breakdowns, oppressors are faced head-on and silenced.

Soak up “The Path” via its music video.


Kel Burch

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