Stand Atlantic – Toothpick (New Music)

In the post-Valentines lull, Stand Atlantic take us into their bedroom for some heartfelt introspection. The Sydney band have released a music video for “Toothpick”; the seventh track of their Skinny Dipping album, released in October last year.

Up close and personal with vocalist Bonnie Fraser, the video directed by Brandon Lung draws us into questions and doubts, reflection, journal writing, and vulnerability. Just Bonnie and her guitar, metaphors paint a picture of pain, but also imply there’s comfort found within it. With strewn flowers and confessions of inadequacy, we’re in the front row witnessing Bonnie spending time with heady thoughts and attempts to understand.

“I wish I was just as strong as I make myself out to be”

The beautiful stripped back tune, which swells with orchestral warmth as it progresses, seems designed to tug at the heart. We feel the discomfort in recognising both the way we can shrink our worth or bluff our way into confidence; a dance that loses sight of reality. Listeners get swept up amongst “Toothpick”‘s layers, almost forgetting that in all of the questioning and thinking and aching, there’s an underlying simplicity of just a girl in her room.

Watch “Toothpick”‘s music video below.


UK friends can find Stand Atlantic on tour next week with Waterparks and ONE OK ROCK. Tickets are available from

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