Casey – Phosphenes (New Music)

UK alternative band Casey know how to write songs that rip to a painful emotional core. Latest single “Phosphenes” is no different.

Comprising of Tom Weaver (vocals), Liam Torrance (lead guitar), Toby Evans (guitar & backing vocals), Adam Smith (bass), and Max Nicolai (drums), Casey have their sophomore album Where I Go When I Am Sleeping on the way, with “Phosphenes” the second single, following on from “Fluorescents”.

Both of the singles seem to painfully reflect the paralysing vulnerability of unnerving physical symptoms in response to medication. The tracks are vocalist Tom Weaver’s personal experience, unfortunately being no stranger at all to significant physical afflictions.

“Phosphenes” is heart-achingly raw in its snapshot of the situation of falling in and out of consciousness and not knowing where this is going. Tom is also flooded with thoughts of potentially dying alone, conflicted in knowing he needs help and care, but that he hates burdening people by asking for it.

“I’m left to contemplate if I’m really getting better,
or if I’m just numb to the feeling of falling apart”

The smoky and at times blurred and multicoloured music video seems to reflect the visual-specific frustrations endured by Tom. We too are at the whim of ever changing symptoms and left sitting with the effort required to ‘keep up’ with them.

Where I Go When I Am Sleeping follows up Love Is Not Enough, and releases on 16th March via Hassle Records. A full UK and European headline tour follows the album release, and spans three weeks in March and April, along with Endless Heights and Rarity. Source the full dates and details HERE.

Soak up “Phosphenes” via its music video or stream via Spotify.



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