As We Burn – A Planet Lost (New Music)

Swedish metalcore band As We Burn have just dropped their new single, “A Planet Lost”. Comprising of Robin Spring (vocals), Hampus Högberg (vocals), Simon Svahn (guitar), Albin Holmström (bass), and Mattias Svensson (drums), “A Planet Lost” follows on from the band’s 2016 release “Talking Body”.

In the new release, As We Burn direct their fierce attention toward the ruthless handling of our planet. They question the neglect and abuse in the name of profit and demand people stand up to this.

Slick paced and aggressive, “A Planet Lost” includes the vocal talents of Joar W. Anfinset of Dream Drop. Joar features with indignant clean vocals on the choruses, as well as a spoken word/rap section.

“How can you watch it fall apart without a care?”

The catchiness of “A Planet Lost”‘s chorus, with its growing layers and intensity, seems like a powerful way to musically reignite the band after a two year break in releases. A gorgeous clean vocal focus at the bridge which seeks earnest recognition of the planet is a standout on the track, as is the infectious vibe of As We Burn collectively pushing for change.

Check out the new track from As We Burn with the music video by Maluha Media.



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