Make Them Suffer – Save Yourself (New Music)

Perth’s Make Them Suffer have released a music video for “Save Yourself”, the last track from their Worlds Apart album which released last year via Rise Records. I came to the video/track ill-prepared, to say the least.

Set in a world of memories and plastic-protected construction zones, “Save Yourself” is a bitter and emotionally moving pill to swallow. The honest acknowledgement by our narrator (vocalist Sean Harmanis) of his role in causing pain within another sits awkwardly, lump-in-throat, while he urges the anguished to “get out alive, while there’s still time“.

While he makes sense of what happened with this relationship and reflects on how self-focused and unaware he was, he acknowledges the other person’s strength in enduring the experience he created with his actions.

“You’re the strongest person I know”

The driving and at times unnerving track, with melodic accents and searching clean vocals courtesy of Booka Nile, hits an emotional peak at the bridge: Unfiltered honesty pours out in spoken word, seeming to ask for permission to be directly open.

It’s heart-wrenching in vulnerability, admission of fault, apology, and in breaking out of a place of confusion and trying to grasp onto an element of clarity. It’s both a farewell and a request for forgiveness, and is incredibly moving, simply because it is truly genuine. The world of music needs more moments just like this, where music is cathartic and has all of us feel something when we experience it.

Watch the music video, and check out Worlds Apart via Spotify HERE. We’ve also added this beauty to our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


Image of Make Them Suffer shot by Rowan Donohue at UNIFY Gathering 2018.

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