Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic (New Music)

The product of ‘messing around with a Korg’, Leeds based Fizzy Blood consider “Pink Magic” to be the easiest song they’ve ever written. Paul Howells (guitar) says the band “got a bit of a trance-like groove going and just decided to see how far we could take that before it became boring.” They never found the answer, creating “Pink Magic” instead.

A commanding and static-laden rock track, “Pink Magic” is the title track from Fizzy Blood’s upcoming EP. The band includes Benji Inkley (vocalist), Tim Malkin (keys & guitars), Paul Howells (guitars), Jake Greenway (drums), and Ciaran Scanlon (bass). After four years together, including touring with While She Sleeps, the five piece consider Pink Magic to be the most accurate representation of who they are as a band, and where they’re heading.

“In our darkness night we give in eventually
to the menacing call of that pink magic”

Catchy riffs for days, “Pink Magic” is captivating with its tank like solidness which seems to lyrically be sharing a story of survival. As ‘the last man standing’ who is terrified by the menacing pink magic, of which it takes ‘just one’ to mess with his head, my mental image soon became a futuristic semi-apocalyptic landscape where women aggressively dominated.

With that in mind, this massive piece of rock becomes something of a fun and curious adventure of staying alive, and is very easy to enjoy. The gang vocals as the track comes to a close with a collective of female voices joining forces with Benji Inkley felt like a very cool resolution. Check out the track below with its lyric video. We’ve also added “Pink Magic” to our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


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