Aspirations – Calamity (New Music)

Electronic post-hardcore band Aspirations have released a single and video for “Calamity”. Forming in 2013, the Adelaide band’s last release was their EP Evolve in 2016.

“Calamity” hits hard and hectic from the get go. The dual-vocals speak of a challenging dynamic of two who just can’t get it right. It’s fittingly stormy with heaviness and electro effects that strike like lightning.

“So sick and tired of you keeping me at bay
(Me at bay)
When I opened up
(I opened up)
I just got burnt”

Anyone in a relationship with a person that’s guarded because of their history, will relate with the frustration and impossibility expressed by the screams and breakdowns. They’ve been patient and understanding in this situation of not being allowed ‘in’, but also have reached a point where they’re done with paying for the person’s past by not being allowed beyond the emotional walls. It feels like a last ditch statement of ‘be brave and face this, or we’re done’.

Aspirations have a single launch coming up for South Australian friends, at Enigma Bar on 12th August with Advocates, Behold The Sea, Temple Of Athena and Alda Sky. Tickets available at

Check out “Calamity”.



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