Hundred Suns – Infinite Winter (Track Of The Day, 10th August)

When triplej’s Short.Fast.Loud. kicked off with Hundred Suns‘ track “Infinite Winter” last night, I had to track it down.

It turns out that it’s not even released yet, being from the trio’s upcoming Prestaliis album, releasing tomorrow (11th August). But thankfully TeamRock are streaming the album and we can gift its awesomeness to our ears once again.

“Infinite Winter” is a tumbling and heavy rock track with conflict coursing through it. It’s also kind of beautiful in its nudgings to wanting more of the situation than how it currently is.

“Arrogance drags out the war
Helpless and wonderful
If you could just uproot your heels from the dirt
There’s room to kick deeper in”

“Infinite Winter” is so rich in metaphor, seeming to describe two who are at odds; with one asking for the other to soften their resentment toward the other. It has a beautiful ending, making me wish this had a music video showing its cinematic unfolding to see what’s happening. Maybe it will in the future.

See what you think of “Infinite Winter”. If you dig it, you can pre-order/source Prestaliis here:



Kel Burch

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