Polaris – No Rest (Track Of The Day, 9th August)

Our Track Of The Day is from Sydney melodic hardcore band Polaris. “No Rest” is the fifth track on their 2016 EP The Guilt & The Grief.

“No Rest” speaks of an uncoupling, with discomfort taking centre stage in the track’s gentle opening. In heaviness, the ‘character’ is screaming for solitude and an opportunity to work themselves out, and to find their place.

“Give me some time to take time for myself
Give me a moment of sleep
Give me some quiet to break up the riot growing inside of me”

They know they’re seen as the bad guy in the situation as the partner cuts them off in the process of separating, but they also acknowledge their humanness/realness in the situation (‘cut me open and see how I bleed’), and that they needed to go toward what they felt was right.

“No Rest” caught my attention due to the way in which the song captures a full spectrum of sound, fluctuating through the track, getting heavier with stronger emotions (culminating in an impressive crunchy breakdown section) as well as having more tender and semi-apologetic moments.

Check out “No Rest”. Australian fans of Polaris might also want to be aware that the ‘No Remedy’ tour is happening in October, with tickets already selling like crazy. Details HERE and on the image below. Polaris are also taking part in BIGSOUND Festival in September!

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