Death From Above – Caught Up (New Music)

When we originally came across Death From Above‘s track “Caught Up” last year, we described it as ‘smoking hot’. Courtesy of the two piece (Jesse F. Keeler (bass, keys, synths) and Sebastien Grainger (vocals, drums)), it’s the third track from their Outrage! Is Now album which released in September. This beauty now has a new music video!

We easily fell for “Caught Up” from first listen, loving its sex-fused riffs, and confidently strutting beats, referring to them as ‘wingmen to a lyrical tête-à-tête’.

“Caught Up” seems to be a quest to be allowed into the world of another and inviting the two of them to lose their inhibitions together, while still maintaining some sense of self-respect. In the ‘story’ that unfolds with the song, he’s drawn and magnetised to this person, but doesn’t want to become a salivating dog to their ringing bell, ‘like all the other guys’. However, the reality of life feels heavy to him, but she seems like the antidote and he wants to lose himself in her.

“I remember, I remember
I tied a string around my finger to forget her”

In the fascinatingly quirky video directed by Eva Michon, the duo go from playing their music through to being manipulated at the hand of glittering gold gloves with robotic minions. Sebastien and Jesse go through changes without any control and the result has them in some kind of zombified state and operating as robots.

They indeed become the salivating dogs, performing to the unseen force, making it a very cool way to visually present the fear of losing themselves to the attraction they have.

Check out the music video below, and then stream Outrage! Is Now in its entirety HERE.


Kel Burch

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