Youth Killed It – Great British Summer (New Music)

Coming out of the UK from London/Norwich, Youth Killed It have revealed their cheery and cheeky music video for their new song “Great British Summer”. The single is the latest to be taken from their upcoming album, What’s So Great, Britain?, which will be released through Rude Records. “Great British Summer” is an upbeat and relaxed track focusing on the gloomy rainy days in Britain where everyone gets grumpy. Youth Killed It are made up of Jack Murphy (vocals/guitar), Carlos Montero (guitar), Josh Taylor (guitar), Josh Thexton (bass), and Ben Ford (drums).

Jack Murphy said this of the track: “The majority was filmed by our good friend and videographer Rob Aiano during our time at the Isle of Wight for the festival. Then with some reshoots and special sauce, voila, a music video for the ages. We’re pretty sure that like 99% of Britain suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) so it’s about how we need some Vitamin D to cheer us all up.” 

“I need a great British summer, I’m feeling down feelin lower than the weather.
With sun it’ll make it all better.”

The indie punk band have delivered a very lighthearted and relaxing track. The chill lightly-toned and funky riffs, combined with the smooth drums and accented vocals make for a very catchy, knee bopping song. As they voice their displeasure for the miserable British weather all you want to do is dance, while the instrumentals make you feel like you’re lying on a beach sipping lemonade. They make you think of the sunshine, as it basks over you, putting a smile on your face, and making everything seem okay. Everyone needs to chill out and relax, and take in the feel-good vibes that this song is dripping with.

Check out “Great British Summer” via its music video below. Pre-order What’s So Great, Britain? here:


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