Polyphia – O.D. (New Music)

Texas based Polyphia will be the first ones to tell you how great they are. Signing off social media posts as ‘the greatest metal band of all time’ and releasing a song literally titled to honour that, the four piece of Tim Henson (guitar), Scott LePage (guitar), Clay Gober (bass), and Clay Aeschliman (drums), aren’t shy about their musical prowess. And nor should they be. I have zero authority but I’m sure we can allow them bragging rights when they sound this good.

It was the seemingly standalone single “G.O.A.T.” that caught my eye/ears earlier this year, despite the band forming in 2010. It was a visual and audio treat watching the Jake Woodbridge directed video, where Polyphia merely playing their instruments in a dimly lit church somehow became a piece of art. It’s unsurprising that this stunningly orchestrated beauty has already hit 1.3M views on YouTube.

Unafraid to meld samples and trap beats with metal, Polyphia are metaphorically creating music with calligraphic flourish when you’d probably be satisfied with cursive.  It’s a marriage made in heaven to have the best of unexpected genre signatures combine with this band’s sound, resulting in a showcase of instrumental precision that unfolds effortlessly. Sonic complexity coupled with melodies and accents that are hooking and moreish, while Polyphia make it look easy. This band are at the top of their game. And they know it.

They’ve today released new single “O.D.” and announced an album on the way. “O.D.” is now the second single from New Levels New Devils, which will release on 12th October via Equal Vision Records. Following on from their 2017 EP The Most Hated, Polyphia have partnered with hip hop and electronic producers in the making of the new album (Y2K and Judge) and include features from guitarists Ichika, Mateus Asato, Jason Richardson, Erick Hansel and Mario Camarena from Chon, Yvette Young from Covet. New Levels New Devils will also include a vocal feature from producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Cuco.

Sonically “O.D.” is a bass groove feast for the ears, melded with percussive challenges, haunting tones, and stunning guitar. Chilled despite the presence of meat cleavers and blood in another well-choreographed creation by Jake Woodbridge, “O.D.” is as escapist as it is hard hitting. It’s instrumental porn but also accessible to those who just like good music and aren’t guitar aficionados. There’s something here in Polyphia’s music that is easily enjoyable as well as being creatively innovative and complex, with massive potential to bridge genre borders. If I made something like this I’d probably brag too.

Australians can catch the band in action as they tour here with Intervals next month. Details and tickets here: http://www.destroyalllines.com/tour/intervals-polyphia/

Pre-order “the best album ever” New Levels New Devils here: https://polyphia.lnk.to/NLND


New Levels New Devils Tracklisting and Album Art:


  1. Nasty feat. Jason Richardson
  2. O.D.
  3. Death Note feat. Ichika
  4. Bad
  5. Drown feat. Mateus Asato
  6. Saucy
  7. Yas feat. Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel
  8. So Strange feat. Cuco
  9. Rich Kids feat. Yvette Young
  10. G.O.A.T.


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