Young Lions – Mr Spaceman (Review)

Mr Spaceman is the third album from Brisbane trio Young Lions and it is an emotional journey to prepare yourself for. “The album follows a journey into space to deal with all sorts of inter-dimensional learning curves,” says Zach Britt (vocalist).

“Writing a concept album, in retrospect, was a way for us to push the boundaries and open our minds, lyrically and musically, so that we felt we could push the limits of what Young Lions is. Using space as a landscape for such a journey seemed a logical way for us to go” – Zach

Four of the tracks were leaked before the album, and each release followed the Celestial Calendar. The album, Mr Spaceman is released on a partial Lunar Eclipse.

A lunar eclipse involves when the earth moves between the sun and moon. This movement shakes open our hearts and helps dislodge the places that feel stuck according to astrological writers. “A lunar eclipse reminds us just how vital it is to attend to our inner world, our emotional life, to listen to the storm within, not push it down in the hope it will eventually go away,” says Sarah Varcas (Astro Awakenings).

This 12-track album is definitely tapping into listening to our world and our inner-messages.

Depth Mag has already used some of these tracks as Tracks of the Days because we feel such a connection with Young Lions’ music.

The album starts with “Out of the Dark”. The intensity builds with emotions and the video has you glued to the screen, watching the mesmerising space footage. My heart races through this whole track.

“Music can pull you out of the dark”

I feel this is all a lyric that punches us right in the heart. I remember the first time I watched this video, I sat in amazement and just had to watch over and over again.


The drums set the pace for “Blue Heaven”. This is a definite rock song, with a faster-paced beat. It is a track about moving forward, taking us into our journey;

“I’m headed for my sweet release, my blue heaven”.

“Burn the Money” was released earlier this year. In this video, Zach shaves his long locks off. This is symbolic of change and shedding attachments. I feel this track is giving the message of moving away from the idealistic fame and money, and looking deeper into what is ‘success’.

“I can show you the way
If you dare to believe me
All you gotta do is
Burn the money”


There’s a sense of struggling to move forward in track four ‘Destroy Me’;

“I thought I needed so much more than you could ever offer me,
but you still found a way.”

You can see and feel the pain and heartache. The video for this track also ends with “Burn the Money” playing, linking back to the previous track and messages.


“Better World” is a face-paced track and depicts the busy life we all live in.

“..but you can’t hear me ‘cause the city’s too loud. Let’s take a break right now. Hold my hand, let’s take those pretty blue eyes to the clouds… Oh, you and me. Let’s find a better world.”

I really dig this track and feel it’s telling us we need to escape this ‘busy is good’ kind of bullshit.

The sixth track “Headspace” has a sense of feeling stuck and confusion like ‘what the fuck is going on?!’ I feel this track raises the questions of when did ‘hope’ disappear, and deals with the frustrations of feeling lost in your own life.

“Because I get so confused when you say you want to stay but you’re moving towards the open door. I feel I can’t say anything right”

“Relativity” is an instrumental track. We are over half way through the journey and it gives us a chance to relax and a moment to breathe, after dealing with so many emotions. This track is a metaphor for a break we all need in our busy lives, and to just take a moment to relax and listen to our surroundings.

“Message” continues our spaceman journey with reference to the sun and the planets. I feel this track is reinforcing that we know things need to change, and we need to actually take some action.

“I’m sending a message out from outer space.
I guess it’s a warning for the human race.
If anyone’s listening… we’re dying, stop walking away.
We’re dying, the worlds gotta change.”

“Freedom” leaps on from “Message”. The bass in this track is sick and the music is motivating and uplifting, wanting you to take action.

“Everybody knows just who started the fire,
they decided not to put it out…
Everybody knows what’s going on,
but no one wants to do a thing.”

“Mr Spaceman” is an acoustic track. It’s stripped back and draws you in. I feel “Mr Spaceman” represents hope and wanting things to be good again.

The next track has you wondering ‘what’s happening? ‘what’s coming?’ The song has feelings of “Anxiety” like the title. The lyrics are repeated like the cycle of thoughts that can go on in your head.


The final track on this epic album is “Superhuman”. The video was released about a month ago. You are taken on a visual journey with NASA footage. I feel this song discusses that we know what’s going on but we’re ignoring it, we put on a fake smile and carry on.

“There’s no fear of constant contradiction,
all we do is glisten ‘cause we’re superhuman”

I was told by my lecturer, that a good review tells us how a piece of art places the world in it’s current time.. I feel that Mr Spaceman is magnificently timely. Not only in the creativeness of the releases with the Celestial Calendar, but just the fact it’s an album we are all needing to hear right now. Every one of us, has some level of self-doubt or confusion of “Are we in the right place? Am I where I’m meant to be right now? What the fuck is going on in the world?” We all have these thoughts every day, on some level.

Mr Spaceman is a 12-track reminder that we need to listen to our hearts and follow what makes our heart really beat; our passions. We need to not just read messages, but actually take some action. The world is kinda in a fucked place and Mr Spaceman is exactly what we all need.

The visuals are magical, the sound is epic and the meanings behind it all is so powerful. This would be my album of the year so far!

Thank you, Young Lions. The universe has given you and your music to us for a reason.

Young Lions - Mr Spaceman
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It's an epic visual, sound, and emotional journey

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It'll make you feel some deep things.. and it ends.

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