Young Lions – HELP (New Music)

It would have been around this time last year that I started seeing countless posts online about the marvel that was Mr Spaceman; the latest album from the Brisbane based Young Lions. Not seeing much from the band beforehand, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and what I heard blew my wildest dreams out of the water. The atmosphere they were able to create throughout the album was astonishing, making me feel like I was literally floating as I listened, propped up by the angelic tones of Zachary Britt and kept afloat by the sinking synth-like guitars.

Because of this, Mr Spaceman was one of my instant personal favourites of 2017, and the main reason why my ears immediately perked up when I saw that Young Lions had dropped a new song via Triple J Unearthed. Titled “HELP”, the new song is a moving and compassionate statement on the importance of seeking help when you need it.

Beginning with rocky guitars and an enthusiastic “HEY”, the track transitions seamlessly into slow and wounded verses, placing the incredible vocals of Zachary Britt at the forefront and showcasing his untouchable talent. If you’re willing to give yourself fully to this song, the almighty sense of atmosphere will reach out and wrap you in a tight embrace, unrelentingly sharing it’s pain with you.

“I think we’re scared of ourselves,
and it’s getting harder to do this,
we wish we’re somebody else.”

“HELP” lyrically walks through the process of someone finding themselves on a downward spiral of sadness, drawing attention to the small things that they might not notice in themselves. As things get harder they shut everyone out, and hide away the fact that they are struggling. They’re ashamed of who they are, and feel like no one cares about them.

It hurts to admit that you are hurting, and sometimes the scariest thing is admitting that you’re scared. “HELP” is about that feeling, and how when you feel the dark overwhelming the light the best thing to do is to ask for help.

Listen to “HELP” now via YouTube:


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