Young Lions – Golden (New Music)

Young Lions have given the gift of acceptance and a safe space with the release of new single “Golden”! It’s a pleasure to have the four piece back in our ears, with previous single “Help.” releasing last year.  Though two individual songs, “Golden” shares themes with the previous release; both coming across as confessions of personal struggle, but also sharing a kind voice of reassurance and connection, regardless of what we’re going through.

“Golden” excites my daydreaming/romanticising self, both visually and lyrically. In the music video, Young Lions are shown playing their instruments in front of imagery of light, and also shown immersing in a fantastical landscape. After a driving and assertive start, “Golden” shares more of a lighter nature, and its gentle inquiry of “Don’t you want some peace of mind?” puts a smile on my face.

Feeling as though it’s forming a collective of support rather than judging, “Golden” invites one to “stay awhile”, and offers a warm place of unconditional acceptance, for as long as it takes to be “golden”. This is such an important sentiment that can be so rare in actuality. I see this song as an audible form of comfort for those who don’t have that ‘nest’ of support otherwise.

Though it’s lyrically straightforward, “Golden” nods toward the moment of NOW and finding that, instead of fearing the worst. It also acknowledges how we can put on facades for the benefit of others, and it invites for this to be surrendered; for the broken to “rest your smile”.

Vocalist Zachary Britt captures the song’s intention, saying: “Life can get crazy sometimes and we all know what it’s like to be burnt out and on the edge. For me personally, I know there’s a few people, songs and places in my life that bring me back up again when this whacked-out world gets overwhelming… You don’t have to act like everything’s fine around these friends as they help you recharge. This song is an anthem for those moments. When it’s all a little fucked up it’s okay to rest and stay until you’re golden.”

Feelgood while also embracing the turbulent, this dreamy single comes across like a return for Young Lions, and maybe a follow up to their Mr Spaceman album, but time will tell on that front! The quartet are heading out on a run of Australia’s east coast in celebration of the new single, and more details accessible via the band’s Facebook events.

[Young Lions photo credit: Daniel Grima]
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