Wraith – Artificial Bloom (New Music)

Sydney heavies Wraith have recently released a fresh new single, as well as a tour to celebrate it. “Artificial Bloom” follows on from their debut EP The Pale Hollow and “(Sic)”, and is part of something bigger. The band refer to it as “the first of four chapters taken from our split release with Adelaide friends, Mauvais, due out late September”. Forming in December 2017, band consists of Raymond Martin, Stuart Pearson, Tano D’urso, Jake Carling, and Josh Huntley

Engineered and produced by Tom Cadden, and visually brought to life by Sauvage Photo, “Artificial Bloom” goes hard. Unambiguously, the track makes its outward push to everyone and everything pretty clear: “I just want to be left alone!”

Facing the fact that people in their life that they’ve tried to please aren’t worth the effort that’s been made, Wraith are wide awake and lashing out. Punishing heaviness, tumultuous riffs, and a relentless pace are fitting for this state of frustration and determination to break free into something else.

“Stuck on a loop moving around inside a revolving door.”

Dark and throaty vocalisations and snarls set up for an intense last gasp for “Artificial Bloom”, viciously (and djentfully) driving home the fact that ultimately, we all die in the end.

Check out “Artificial Bloom” with the music video below. Australians can catch Wraith on tour next month with The Gloom In The Corner, 23/19, and Mauvais, as well as local supports. Learn more about the Artificial Bloom Tour here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1827479680881566/


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