Make Them Suffer – 27 (New Music)

Binary in song lyrics?! This could be a first!

In the lead-up to their headline tour of Australia and New Zealand, Perth’s Make Them Suffer have released new single “27”. With a distinct technology-focused flavour, the new single comes a year to the day since the release of their Worlds Apart album. There’s no word whether the single is part of any upcoming release, whether EP or album, but do we care? New music is new music!

Produced and recorded by the band, mixed by Matt Templeman (Templeman Audio), and mastered by Simon Struthers (Forensic Audio), “27” comes with a hefty sense of urgency. From its introductory downward diving riffs, “27” falls into computer jargon speak in terms of a quest to find something more than what we already have. Along with technical guitar forcefulness and ethereal calls for connection, we hit dissonantly upon corruption and distrust (I want my computer to play this hectic brilliance when it errors).

“We’re screaming 00011011.”

There seems to be so much more to “27” than meets the eye. This isn’t just great metalcore with a computer theme. It’s an impressive combination of technology, belief, and humanity. “27” is seeming to be a call out for each of us to feel as connected as we actually are, needing to break the current system to make the connection happen, even if we “don’t feel a fucking thing”.

Mentioning ‘the God code’ lyrically, do I assume that Make Them Suffer are referring to the Gregg Braden theories of language, numbers, elements being interlinked? I don’t know enough about the band’s mythology to know if it’s their style or not to have the titular and lyrical reference of 27 relate to the 27 letters of the Hebrew alphabet (and further meaning gained from this). Regardless, the concept is a fascinating one which gives the already impressive track further dimension, and will keep theorising fans occupied until whatever comes next.

Vocally, I’m a huge fan of the sense of clear determination to express that we are indeed connected (“We’re not alone”) enhanced by the at-times haunting reminders from Booka Nile, as well as the frantic sense of drive by Sean Harmanis to understand and make a change: To connect the sequence.

We can only hope that we get to hear “27” when Make Them Suffer hit the road along with Silent Planet, Oceans Ate Alaska, and Thornhill next month. Find dates and details on that here:


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