Woes – High On You (New Music)

Scottish pop punk band Woes have just released new track “High On You”. They’ve coupled the release with a music video that showcases their experiences on their UK tours with Seaway and Neck Deep.

Signing with UNFD in January, Woes are continuing what’s already a kickass 2018 by making their European live debut supporting Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes in March and April. The band also have Download, Slam Dunk, and Galaxy Camp festivals on the horizon.

On “High On You”, vocalist DJ opened up about his observations with the band’s growth along with increasing recognition of the song itself: “Before the Neck Deep tour we were playing to maybe 30, 40 people a show, then all of a sudden we were playing to thousands a night. Then on Seaway we would show up at the venue and meet people in queuing with Woes merch on. It was crazy, very humbling.

We played “High On You” on both tours, and no-one in the audience had ever heard it before but we had people jumping up and down to it every night. By the end of Seaway, there were people who had maybe seen us 3 or 4 times singing along, to a song they’ve never heard a recording of – how crazy is that?”

“While I travel the world in the back of the van
You’re at home in your flat sleeping next to your man
And I just don’t feel alright”

In “High On You”, Woes lament the difference between the life they have and something else they had wanted. The track lyrically shares the heart-angsty absence of someone they had envisioned a future with, while that person is now living an entirely different life with someone else.

The sense of regret about these whispers of thought is wrapped up in high energy and driving pop punk. It’s an interesting combination seeing Woes ripping through sets on stage and playing around behind the scenes, while vocally he just doesn’t “feel alright”. It paints a picture of thinking fondly of what could have been at the same time as pining for it. As a song, it definitely pokes at the feels.

Check out “High On You” with its music video below, or stream via Spotify. You can also find the track on our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


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