While She Sleeps – ANTI-SOCIAL (New Music)

Sheffield badasses While She Sleeps have blown fans’ minds by releasing a new single as well as revealing details of an album on the way.  After an initial teaser, While She Sleeps revealed that USB sticks containing new music would be located in specified locations. Fans in Sheffield and London (such as @ear1y_grave, @longgview@C22Meg) jumped at the chance, sharing the experience on social media.

The rest of us who are many thousands of kilometres away from those locations waited impatiently. “ANTI-SOCIAL” premiered on BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, and was then released with a music that (sneakily) detailed that the quintet’s fourth studio album So What? is on the way, planned for release on 1st March.

In yet another stellar job by Tom Welsh, the “ANTI-SOCIAL” music video hits a savage pace to match the music, and keeping the viewer enthralled and curious about what they’re seeing. We’re shown short scenes featuring the band members, while with film magic they also together perform the song in the background. It’s immediately obvious the visual metaphors of ignorance and apathy; this vibe of really disturbing things going on as though they’re normal. As “ANTI-SOCIAL” shares lyrically, “We’re pissing into the wind, to be heard by the indifferent”. The indifference makes this video a tough to swallow slice of humanity.

Musically, “ANTI-SOCIAL” is a pulse-quickening metalcore dive that draws into squirming whispered verses before busting into brash choruses. It’s a push to keep up with While She Sleeps and the intertwined voices make the track vibe like an invitation to be ‘in or out’. Building as it continues, layers of broken systems piling upon broken states, “ANTI-SOCIAL” hits a tension-heavy point at the bridge before shattering raw frustration rips apart the final chorus. “Thank fuck for headphones”.

It’s a hype-inducing single for what else So What? might contain. Check it out via YouTube or your favourite streaming location. So What? can be pre-ordered here: https://www.whileshesleeps.com/


Kel Burch

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