What We Lost – Beds (Track Of The Day, 27th November)

Melodic hardcore band What We Lost have our Track Of The Day today. The Modena, Italy based five piece of Simone Galeotti (vocals), Riccardo Ibatici (guitar), Lorenzo Di Girolamo (guitar), Enrico Tosti (bass) and Andrea Barbieri (drums) released “Beds” on 21st November.

“Beds” is a soaring and searching track, shared from the perspective of someone that loved hard, only to have it rejected. Achingly expressed, “Beds” reflects an effort of trying and fighting to get through to someone and failing. He’s now left fighting for his own survival, and recovery from what the painful experience did to him and his heart.

Tender admissions from a vulnerable heart express sorrow in having to let her go, respecting his own heart and no longer taking mistreatment. In the aftermath of that time, he’s hoping he never falls into that experience again and the dark pool of sadness he found/finds himself in. Inevitably, time rolls on, even if the pain is ongoing.

“And now I need to say I’m glad you finally found happiness
But I’m destroyed by the fact that this happiness doesn’t come from me
And it will never do”

Raw and screamed vocals reflect a raw and broken heart, with intensity echoed by impressive guitarwork. Clean vocals feel like vulnerable surrender to what has been done, and what has been lost. “Beds” is a beautiful and heavy ode to those who courageously bear unconditional love.

Connect with What We Lost via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhatWeLost


Kel Burch

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