Devotion – Aros (New Music)

Melodic hardcore/post-hardcore band Devotion have released a new track, “Aros”. Based in Recklinghausen, Germany, Devotion are Sören Klischewski (vocals), Marvin Rudnik (guitar & vocals), Nico Schwanitz (bass & vocals), and Lukas Baumann (drums). “Aros” released on 14th November, is the third single from the band.

“Aros” confronts us with a hard hitting beat and strong riffs, instantly taking on a feeling like shock or alarm. When the unclean vocals join in, it feels like a blend of horror and heartache, along with a sense of “How did we get here?”.

The beautiful lyrics are poetic in their description of something so pure and beautiful turning into something painful. Under this pain, they are seeking help, for their own survival, from someone that can’t help them anymore.

“The longer I wake, the more I yearn to sleep
And the same goes for love
For love and me”

In the perplexing state of wondering how they got here, steps are retraced, and light guitar melody touches on a breeze of reminiscing. And yet agonised raw vocals are ever present and reflect the bittersweet experience of memory.

The drum beats into the bridge feel like he’s having to come face-to-face with himself, and painfully wishing he was something better, something more. The end to this pained situation is unfortunately dark, and earlier (water soaked) scenes of the video are sadly understood.

Watch the music video for “Aros” below, and stay in touch with Devotion via Facebook:


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