Weighbridge – Gaunt (New Music)

So Weighbridge have been busy! Since we talked about them last, the Melbourne band have solidified their line-up, and now also have an EP on the way! Limbic Resonance releases on 30th September, and its first single “Gaunt” releases today along with a music video directed by Cian Marangos. The single includes a feature from Void Of Vision‘s vocalist Jack Bergin, along with the musical prowess of Weighbridge band members Sean Ross (guitar/vocals), Josh Godwin (bass), Jake Leahy (drums), and Ethan Taylor (guitar).

“Gaunt” is another strong single for Weighbridge, where Ross’s raw-edged vocals hit syllables home with Leahy’s percussive emphasis. Sharpened riffs add to the picture that’s being painted of tension and overwhelm, and they persist through the searching choruses. Repeating the need to find a way out, “Gaunt” grows in determination to escape the cycle of mental pressure, even if that means losing oneself.

“We all know there’s no place to go”

Taking this idea and bringing it to visual life, the protagonist roams a red-hued space seeming to hunt for literal escapes. One arrives in the form of a drug that’s handed to her, which has the effect of suddenly tuning the TV and seeing Jack Bergin in action; sharing that drive to escape with his razor sharp vocals and matching Weighbridge’s beastly instrumentation. The mental torture turns destructive, and a subsequent disconnect from reality leads to her eventual sinking and drowning (metaphorical or literal).

From where I sit, Weighbridge are two for two in terms of their released music! Both “Use” and “Gaunt” leave a mark with their attempts to find something better than the state of where they exist. Listen to “Gaunt” now, and stay tuned for Limbic Resonance!


Kel Burch

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