Vermont – Ruin (New Music)

I don’t know if you know who Vermont are yet, but they’re definitely a band worth getting to know. As well as releasing a stellar collection of singles to date, Vermont have impressed on stage too (you can find our review of their set at Reside‘s EP launch at Cherry Bar here). It’s a pleasure to take time with their brand new single “Ruin”, which releases today. Vermont are Joshua Swanwick (vocals), Jono Hnatejko (guitar), Nathan Borg (bass), and Curtly Lyon (drums).

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Christopher Vernon, “Ruin” comes also with a music video created by Martin Wood. In misty hues of pink and purple, with static to reflect the subject-matter, “Ruin” is a slice of introspection that comes at our ears with warm vocals and instrumental force.

“I don’t know who I am, but I know who I am not”

Talking about façades and feeling tense and troubled, “Ruin” veers from vulnerability to frustration in exploring self identity. The title captures a perspective of how the protagonist feels that their own choices and decisions will lead to their undoing. I take it as a push back against those who have the wrong idea, which is also perhaps an admission of responsibility.

Musically, “Ruin” is catchy and hooking with it’s harmonies and memorable chorus. The building and growing effect of the song’s bridge is a stand-out feature for my ears; where layered vocals and a guitar solo marry up only to land brilliantly in an emphatic chorus… with a stunning finish to follow. Searing guitar has the emotion of “Ruin” hit even harder, with the question of identity coming through a filter of self-hate and frustration.

“Ruin” leaves a strong impression in its warmth as well as exasperation and drive to be heard. Have a listen via YouTube below or via your favourite streaming places.

Photo credit: Liam Davidson

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