Shangrila – Fade Away (New Music)

Wow, the new single from Shangrila is incredible! “Fade Away” is the first release from the Perth band since dropping their Love and Leaving EP last year. The new single and music video were released today, both leaving a lasting impression with their beautiful atmospheric qualities and relatable subject matter.

“Fade Away” starts with a man at a phone booth. He’s returning a call, which has him speaking with a hospital. While it’s hard to hear every word of the conversation, it’s clear that something serious has happened. I don’t have a presser or any kind of quote from the band about “Fade Away”, but I take this moment in the video as representing an anxiety-inspiring event; something that kicks off an internal spiral which impacts the protagonist’s/character’s choices.

“Why does fear control who we are?”

Light melody leads our ears toward honeyed vocals that question human nature. Getting more specific, quickened rhythms and subtle accents kick intensity up a notch. A desire to stay connected while simultaneously feeling alone runs through, with the chorus putting it most directly: “I wanna run to you again, but I can’t breathe”. Throughout the video (co-directed by Ross Metcalf and Charmaine Murray) we see characters who are bonded but distant, seeming to have the female character searching for the male.

I take the sentiment of “Fade Away” as someone feeling lost inside a black tunnel of their own, with no way to be present for someone else, nor even find them when things are dire. The stirring instrumental section that comes in after echoed vocals feels perfect for this inner turmoil (and sounds fucking great, mind you).  I dig the crashing contemplation via drum and voice, and the arrival of questioning again, just like where we started.

The song is a big YES for me. Shangrila are Devyn Jupp, Jackson Macleod, Lyndsay Antica, and Dan Harper. Watch “Fade Away” via Dreambound below, or listen via your favourite streaming places.


Kel Burch

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