Trophy Eyes – Figure Eight (New Music)

A brighter, lighter, and more pastel hued Trophy Eyes is upon us!  The anthemic path that the band fully embraced in their The American Dream album has been continued into fresh new single “Figure Eight”.

Premiering at UNIFY Gathering 2020, I happened to be standing beside Trophy Eyes’ manager who grinned like a proud dad when the song beamed out to the UNIFY arena crowd. The crowd cheered during and after the song, and by the time the three minutes were coming to their end, people were already joining in with singing it. Immediately infectious is an understatement. Trophy Eyes have mastered the art of a great chorus.

Even at UNIFY I was wondering whether the lyrics were from one voice or two and how it all fit together. I appreciated that John Floreani later shared on Instagram that the song relates to “falling out of love with a dream, and people falling out of love with me.”  I’m still left with curiosities, but the song is so great I get happily lost in it regardless!

“Say it like you mean it. Do you trust me now?”

Swept away by the quick pace and the orchestral majesty as well as the crooning saxophone, “Figure Eight” does feel like a relationship in question. There’s faith present as well as doubt and an ending. The desperation for truth and answers is felt with the chorus, and the pre-chorus hope and “Baby you’re the star in my eyes” is a devoted sweetness that stays on the lips.

Enveloped by layers of sound that are just like the many factors of a challenging relationship timeline, the openness (and “Woo!”) at the saxophone solo comes across as freedom and a change. There’s something satisfying and moreish about the action-packed song and Trophy Eyes fans who’ve evolved along with the band will love it.

Listen via YouTube below. We’ve added it to our fresh new playlist too!


Kel Burch

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