Together In Tragedy – Spineless (New Music)

Who the hell are Together In Tragedy?! With 58 monthly listeners on Spotify, maybe the Sydney band are as new to everyone else as they are to us. It’s their latest release “Spineless” that has had this band come to our awareness, and I happily got to know Alex Woollams (vocals), Michael Webb (guitar), David Rea (bass), and Aaron Dalton (drums) through their newest dark, gutsy, and bouncy nu-metal/metalcore single.

Coming with flavours of sound that I’ve heard from other bands like Dealer and Conform before, Together In Tragedy are instantly attention grabbing, and maintain a strong grip throughout the entirety of “Spineless”.  The intro riff that’s set to a light and grooving beat swiftly blows out into something bigger, with an eerie and dissonant wail adding to the atmosphere being created. When the vocals join in, rawness joins downward and dark riffs; matching the internal descent that’s being expressed lyrically.

Nu metal pockets show up as the song progresses, where a whining guitar tone joins rap rhythm vocals, lighter beats, and bass grooves. Getting delectably heavier and gaining density of layers as it rolls on, “Spineless” is oppressive while also easy to take in as a great song. Disintegrating and gaining in desperation, the urgency for change grows along with the negative outlook. Vocalist Alex pulls focus for me frequently, skillfully expressing this “I’m about to break” state of mind.

“Spineless” is a damn good time for fans of this sound, and the good news is that Together In Tragedy seem to have more up their sleeves! I’m really keen to see this strong band progress and make their own mark that’ll have any critical band comparisons quickly fall to the wayside.

Watch “Spineless”‘s music video (created by Martin Wood Imagery) below via YouTube, or listen through your preferred streaming place here.


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