Thousand Below – Sleepless (Track Of The Day, 16th September)

Post-hardcore/rock band Thousand Below should not be slept on! The San Diego based five piece are James DeBerg, Devin Chance, Josh Thomas, Josh Billimoria and Garrett Halvax. And they are GOOD, really good. So good that they have our Track Of The Day today with “Sleepless”.

Despite only forming in 2016, Thousand Below have an album on the way via Rise Records. The Love You Let Too Close will be releasing on on October 6th. “Sleepless” is one of the four singles released already, and is a heartbreaker.

“Sleepless” is beautifully done, beginning with a cinematic and introspective vibe before rock forces join in to form an anthemic chorus.

From the first verse, the agony becomes apparent of this person breaking into pieces at the absence of another, courtesy of amped up drums and roared vocals. The silent question throughout; “Can I survive this?”.

“Tell me you need me as much as I need you
Cause really I’m just sleepless without you.”

The heartache is obvious as the protagonist wrestles with the nothingness that exists now, where a person used to be. The music video takes the concept further, with permanent absence as opposed to a breakup or separation.

The bridge with gang vocals offers a moment of hope and possibility, where the same lyrics sung previously, alone and with desperation simply felt defeated.

It’s a powerful track and Thousand Below have not held back. Check out “Sleepless” with its music video below.

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