Awaken I Am – Wolves (Track Of The Day, 17th September)

Brisbane based rockers Awaken I Am have a freshly released single from their upcoming album Blind Love (releasing 29th September via Victory Records). Awaken I Am are Adam Douglas (vocals), Luke McKenzie (drums), Ned Jankovic (guitar), and Connor Oakley (guitar).

The four piece released “Wolves” yesterday, and use a blend of grooving beats, atmospheric melodies, and rock to get their message across. The vibe is searching, wondering if their hard work and subsequent achievements has been noticed by those who have been unsupportive, seeming to just use others to claw their way to the top. What is at times calmly expressed along with gentle bubbling melody climbs to a barrier-shattering battlecry to affirm their rightful place, with or without the support of the ‘fake friends’.

“All this time, I’ve worked so hard”

Adam shares that “Wolves” is what he considers people who are only there for you when it benefits them: “This song is a look at those self-absorbed people, and making yourself re-evaluate what truly matters. I also want to push people to achieve the things that make them happy with the true friends who are always there for you. If they can’t be there for you in the bad times, don’t let that burden you, make that motivate you.”

Despite celebrating their success and what they’ve built, the bridge leans on the idea of karma, hoping that at some point that the mistreatment find its way back around.

Check out “Wolves” below via YouTube. Our Japanese friends can also catch Awaken I am on tour this month and in October:



27 – Hatsudai, Japan – Livehouse Hall

28 – Neyagawa City, Japan – Vintage

29 – Kyoto, Japan – Livehouse Gattaca

30 – Nagoya, Japan – Sakae Rad Hall


1 – Tokyo, Japan – Club Liner



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