Thornhill – Temperer (Track Of The Day, 30th July)

I was lucky enough to catch Thornhill today at Alpha Wolf‘s launch show for their album Mono. I’m completely new to Thornhill and was totally impressed with their sound.

Melbourne based Thornhill are Jacob Charlton, Ethan McCann, Ben Maida, Nick Sjogren and Sam Anderson.

During their set at Wrangler Studios, their (dual) vocals seemed to float over and onto the audience through some kind of sonic magic. So of course when I got home I hunted down some more of that melodic goodness and here we are with “Temperer”.

“Out of sight
On rotation
Buried in mental expectation
Lay me down
Lay me down gently”

“Temperer” is a single that Thornhill released in March. It’s ambient and combines the floatiness with strength and a delicious gradual build-up into heaviness. I can’t stop listening. The vocals are just as stunning in the recorded version as was experienced live.

Officially keen to soak up more Thornhill. Check out “Temperer” and you’ll probably agree.



Kel Burch

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