The Stranger – The Whip (New Music)

Progressive rock/metal band The Stranger from Brisbane (Australia) have their debut self-titled album on the way. In the meantime, they’ve released “The Whip” from the album, and a music video for it which seems to take these five ordinary dudes from Brisbane and turns them into superheroes.

Adrian Goleby filmed the band playing “The Whip” out in scenic bushland outside of Brisbane, shooting the video in one take. He edited it and added very cool effects that add a whole other layer to the song. The Stranger’s guitarist Kalen Austin shared that the band “couldn’t be more stoked” about the video and Adrian’s work on it.

By way of the album, Kalen shared that “The Whip” is the epitome of what the album is about, being heavy and fun, “and it’s a favourite to play live”. We got to hear “The Whip” for the first time with this brilliant video.

It turns out that “The Whip” is an epic rock adventure beginning with a heavy and fast-paced introduction. There’s then a reprieve and a key change as the journey continues, bracketed by impressive guitar work and earnest vocals.

“Fighting over rights
To the man in the coffin
Bound to live a life
Programmed by those he once..


The song then takes a darker turn, with breakdowns, growls and relentless drumfire. But we’re saved by soaring guitars that rip through the darkness and make way for lightening vocals, another key change, and an impressive outro. This is a very “wow” song.

Given that “The Whip” is the epitome of The Stranger album, if you love it, then you can pre-order HERE before it releases 21st April.

And now, The Video you need to see!

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