The Plot In You – Not Just Breathing (New Music)

Ohio metalcore band The Plot In You have announced a new album, as well as released a new single and video. Dispose is on the way, releasing February 16th via Fearless Records.

“Not Just Breathing” is the follow up single to “Feel Nothing”, which we now know as the first single from Dispose, that the four piece of Landon Tewers (vocals), Josh Childress (guitar), Ethan Yoder (bass) and Mathis Arnell (drums) released in June when they announced their signing to Fearless Records.

About the new track, Landon shares that “Not Just Breathing” is about “cutting ties with someone who is dead weight in your life and dragging you down, always hoping for the best for that person but coming to terms with the fact you need to move on with your life in a separate direction from them.”

In listening to “Not Just Breathing” you can hear this in action. Tender and cautious vocals from the outset reflect a vulnerable and broken state, and the gravity of the situation in needing to break free. Basically: You’ve wrecked me and now I have to stand back up on my own two feet. With the wavering vocals and encouraging beats, I picture a depleted shell of a person trying to find strength to get up and walk away.

With the ‘standing up’, it’s reflected by the powerful pummeling of sound poured out at the chorus.

“Stay away from me”

With each step of the way, “Not Just Breathing” shares more of the experience, with a fractured description of a broken, warped, and shallow woman before an unmistakable sense of gaining power. The track affirms seriousness in the recovery from the toxic relationship. They’re clear that they’ve been through difficulty before and know they will make their way back to a full and vibrant existence.

While the vibe is escapism, there’s still thought toward the person, wherein they hope that once they realise what they had, that they think of them fondly. The beautiful harmonies of the bridge expressing their desire to live their life freely, no longer waiting for something more from the lost cause they once believed in.

“Not Just Breathing” is incredible. Every time “I’m alive” hits in the chorus, it’s a full force of celebration of personal forces and breaking free of a toxic situation that was going nowhere fast.

With two stellar singles already, we are so ready to hear Dispose. Produced by Drew Fulk, The Plot In You consider it a ‘complete restart on the band’ and ‘our proudest release so far’.

Dispose track listing:

1. Rigged
2. Not Just Breathing
3. One Last Time
4. I Always Wanted to Leave
5. Feel Nothing
6. Happy
7. The One You Loved
8. Paid In Full
9. The Sound
10. Disposable Fix

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