Bad Wolves – Toast To The Ghost (Track Of The Day, 17th November)

Our Track Of The Day comes from Bad Wolves, a metal band from Los Angeles consisting of Doc Coyle, Kyle Konkie, Tommy Vext, Chris Cain, and John Boecklin. The members bring their experience to this relatively new band from their former bands.

Bad Wolves revealed single “Toast To The Ghost” with their signing to Eleven Seven Music (managed by Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch). The track is the first to come from their debut album to come in 2018. “Toast To The Ghost” follows the band’s self-released debut single “Learn To Live”.

“Toast To The Ghost” goes hard and fast from the outset. It soon also brings unique and unexpected elements, which have it be an incredibly engaging track. Any expectations are quickly lost.. or maybe we should say ‘burnt’?

“Toast To The Ghost” has a fiery introduction, before exploratory melodic vocals try to weave their way through layers of deception and sink their claws into the truth.

“In God we mistrusted
The truth left all of us disgusted”

The beastly choruses are foreshadowed by roaring pre-choruses, but you’re still going to be holding your breath with the drum-focused insanity along with the soaring and anthemic choruses.

Drummer John Boecklin shared: “This is something new for me. It’s the most unique drumming I’ve ever done. Tommy has never sounded so good. The songs are much more diverse than anything from our collective past. I’d love for people to take away some sort of connection emotionally. That’s what all of the bands who inspire me do. Everything else doesn’t really matter.”

It’s an intense ride, with a cliffhanger of an ending that seems like a tease for what follows from Bad Wolves. Check out “Toast To The Ghost” with its lyric video:


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