The Plot In You – Feel Nothing (Track Of The Day, 4th December)

Our Track Of The Day is the single from The Plot In You which preceded “Not Just Breathing” (ie. that song we played on repeat around these parts for at least a week). “Feel Nothing” was released earlier in the year by the Ohio metalcore band when they were signed to Fearless Records. It is the first single from the now named Dispose album, releasing 16th February.

“Feel Nothing” has just as much of the creative Midas touch as “Not Just Breathing”; it’s a precise piece of emotion-rich honesty that’s hard to fault. Vocalist Landon Tewers begins tenderly and honest, trying to break through to someone, before diving into frustration to wake them up to reality.

“And I can’t relate, and I feel nothing for you”

In an interview with Alt Press, Landon shared that he wrong the song about ‘a bad relationship I got out of after years of feeling stuck in it.’ He adds that the video is cherry on top of bringing the vibe and emotion of the song to life.

With gut punching beats and driving riffs, the message is hit home to wake someone up to the fact that their relationship is firmly over, even though the other is wrestling with understanding it. The music video echoes the ‘do you get it yet?!’ shock value, as powerful imagery reflects the lack of feeling, the silence, disconnect and other elements of the experience.

Impressive on all fronts and yet again/still I’m left gagging for Dispose.

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