Invasion Fest: Who’s Playing?

Next Saturday (9th December), Invasion Fest brings an impressive arsenal of heavy bands to Arrow On Swanston in Melbourne. In the lead-up, we’re taking a peek at the 16 bands to get a taste of the insanity that lies ahead. We’ve also made a Spotify playlist HERE. Get hyped!



Who: Melbourne band with intense emo/spoken word/melodic hardcore sound.

Most recently released: My Old Friend EP

Sounds/feels like: Heartache bleeding black liquid until you drown.

We can’t wait for: Everyone to go off to “They Say”.


Sleep Talk

Who: Adelaide rock/hardcore, raw vocals, searching melodic guitars.

Most recently released: “New Tradition”

Sounds/feels like: Someone losing the plot in the middle of a beautiful place.

We can’t wait for:  The mindblowing experience of seeing this band live!


Eat Your Heart Out

Who: Five piece alternative rock from Newcastle.

Most recently released: Mindgames EP

Sounds/feels like: Being torn up in angst, staring at your phone and wishing you could just say what you want to say to the someone that needs to hear it.

We can’t wait for: Strong choruses and solid rock from this cohesive unit.


Honest Crooks

Who: Death metal/hardcore outfit from Tamworth, NSW/Canberra, ACT.

Most recently released: Suffer EP

Sounds/feels like: Repeat punches to the face that make you blissfully forget about everything else.

We can’t wait for: Witnessing the pit insanity as these guys bring their intense best.



Who: Melbourne hardcore outfit.

Most recently released: The Saving Grace EP

Sounds/feels like: Running through back streets to evade authority, and getting high on the rush.

We can’t wait for: Their relentless intensity and the wildness it’s going to stir up. Fark!




Who: Brisbane post-hardcore four piece.

Most recently released: Mesma

Sounds/feels like: Being on the most random and colourful rollercoaster ever.

We can’t wait for: Dylan’s moves and those signature harmonies.



Who: Melbourne hardcore punk act (who look like the friendliest humans you’d meet in this pic).

Most recently released: Avalanche

Sounds/feels like: A street gang that’s both intimidating and cool.

We can’t wait for: Those massive riffs, hectic beats and Jelena’s sky-ripping vocals.


Alpha Wolf

Who: Melbourne heavy five piece

Most recently released: Mono

Sounds/feels like: Claustrophobia in a windowless room with concrete walls.

We can’t wait for: Sabian’s moves, the sweaty crush that’ll no doubt be happening and “I’M SORRY. IT’S LONELY. SPENDING YOUR TIME WITH ME”.


Who: Brisbane melodic hardcore band

Most recently released: “Come with Me”

Sounds/feels like: Getting dunked by a massive wave as you fight for your right to sit on your board in peace, watching the world.

We can’t wait for: Seeing the band fresh and at 100% after voice issues at the previous show we witnessed earlier in the year.


Justice For The Damned

Who: Sydney metal/hardcore band

Most recently released: Dragged Through The Dirt

Sounds/feels like: Skin being shredded by rough concrete at high speed.

We can’t wait for: Their intense and aggressive sound blowing us all away.



Who: Adelaide hardcore band

Most recently released: March Of Dissolution

Sounds/feels like: A hand-crafted arrow carefully aimed between the eyes of your enemy.

We can’t wait for: The high energy set the guys bring. Hype and a half!


Void Of Vision

Who: Melbourne metalcore

Most recently released: Disturbia EP

Sounds/feels like: Breath of fire, which comes to life and morphs into multiple heat-seeking beasts your enemies can’t escape from.

We can’t wait for: Catching the Disturbia tracks live. All the fire emojis.


Cursed Earth

Who: Relentless and impressive Perth metal five piece

Most recently released: Cycles Of Grief

Sounds/feels like: A shell of a dumped car burning on the side of an empty highway.

We can’t wait for: Intense pit activity.


Kublai Khan

Who: Texas hardcore/metalcore four piece

Most recently released:  Nomad

Sounds/feels like: Clawing your way back to the surface after being thrown to the bottom of a well.

We can’t wait for: The moshing, the breakdowns, the soaking up the ‘wow’ vibe. The everything, really.


Endless Heights

Who: Sydney melodic hardcore band

Most recently released: “Come A Little Closer”

Sounds/feels like: Standing in a hazy dreamscape knowing there’s a python lurking somewhere in the grass.

We can’t wait for: Getting lost immersing in the set, and the guys possibly playing something we’ve never heard from Vicious Pleasure!


The Acacia Strain

Who: Deathcore band from Massachusetts.

Most recently released: Gravebloom

Sounds/feels like: Relentless and calm pursuit by a cyborg assigned with your termination.

We can’t wait for: Seeing Invasion Fest go out with a heavy, crushing, moshing, bang!


Until Saturday, check out our Invasion Fest 2017 playlist on Spotify.


Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it. [Loved the read? Shout Kel a latte.]

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