The Last Martyr – Into The Black (New Music)

Melbourne’s newest melodic metal band The Last Martyr are here with their debut single, “Into The Black”. Mixed and mastered by Ted Furuhashi, the song is a showcase for the talent the newcomers possess, as well as a nice warm up to their debut EP, which will be out before the end of the year. The Last Martyr are Monica Strut (vocals), Ben Rogers (guitar), Travis Presley (guitar), Matthew Mumford (bass), and Vin Krishnan (drums).

“Into The Black” features some very promising signs. The instrumentals are very impressive, with the guitars manically twisting and turning around each other through the verses. Purring and ripping through the song, they are your salvation from the darkness, as combined with the bass they project the intended mood of the song into your very soul. That mood being uncertainty and anxiety, it hits its peak in the bridge of the song where everything slows down and the emotions really come through. Following through to the heaviest part of the track and then into the chorus, the song finishes in a huge way.

Lyrically this song is about pulling yourself through the dark times. It’s trying to send a message that sometimes you need to hit the bottom before you can get back to the top, and that’s hard to swallow, but is needed. As the emotion comes through the vocals, they want to help you find the light in the dark, and remind you that there is always good on the other side.

Vocalist Monica Strut explains: “On the surface “Into The Black” is about a destructive and co-dependent relationship. But the overall message is that through your toughest times come your greatest life lessons. Sometimes we need to embrace our darkest moments because without them we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the light or become the person we were meant to be.”

Check out “Into The Black” now:


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