The Contortionist – Return To Earth (New Music)

Lose yourself in this for just a moment. The Contortionist have released “Return To Earth” in the lead up of their new album Clairvoyant releasing September 15th. Indiana based progressive rock band, The Contortionist are Michael Lessard, Robby Baca, Joey Baca, Cameron Maynard, Jordan Eberhardt, and Eric Guenther.

The element focused music video for “Return To Earth” is a beautiful match for the song itself, in more ways than one, sharing its story surrounded by water, light, trees, leaves and lightning.

As the song begins, dark tones and ethereal chords echo out and draw us in and down. A voice breaks through, taking room in the open spaces, and is both emotional as well as affirming and encouraging.

“Return to the earth”

Drums and guitar join in, feeling fierce in their own sense of drawing us downward into rich soil. Our skin turns cold and shivers as the memory of sensation and emotion comes to the surface and we begin to feel it all, raining down upon us.

Here this deep we are vulnerable to the realness of humanity and the undeniable fact that we move with time as it also moves and changes us.

Here we run dirt though our hands as we remember the loss of life, and the out-of-body moments of challenge.

We’re lost momentarily in a dream-like dimension, while drum collisions and powerful riffs try their hardest to keep us present and anchored, despite the heartache we are drowning in.

This is beautiful.

Watch the “Return To Earth” video below. You can also pre-order Clairvoyant here:


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