The Comfort – Love & Other Drugs (Track Of The Day, 6th July)

The track “Love & Other Drugs” comes from The Comfort’s EP Love. The Comfort is an alternative-rock band from Brisbane made up of Liam, Dominic, Marcus and Izaac.

One word keeps coming to my head when I listen to this track and it’s beautiful. It is not a common term used to describe songs in the hardcore/rock scene, but I feel it fits.

The rawness of the vocals with the melodic- yet, rock sound, create an easy-listening track.

There are burst of screams through the chorus;

“I need your love, I need your love
‘Cause I’m not sure if I’m enough”

The lyrics are something we can all relate to in some way; feeling we are not enough for someone or something. The Comfort aim to explore the concepts of things that bring comfort to uncomfortable lives.. the hard stuff we deal with.

“I’ve got a little voice inside my head trying to tear me down”

“Love & Other Drugs” is a emotive-felt and breathtaking track that leaves you wanting to listen to more.

These boys are definitely worth a listen.

The Comfort will be supporting Young Lions on their Australian tour in September. More details on that HERE.

Kahlia Sharpe

Kahlia is an avid gig-goer who lives and breathes music, aiming to help people by sharing and spreading the love through tunes.

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