Sworn In – Closer To Me (Track Of The Day, 4th November)

In case you missed it, last week we had an amazing conversation with Sworn In‘s vocalist Tyler Dennen. We discussed a number of things, but one of the stand-out themes of Sworn In’s latest work related to the clash or connection of the subconscious self and the conscious self.

Tyler shared that the Illinois band’s latest album All Smiles (which released 30th June via Fearless Records) had a lot to do about transparency; of others and also with oneself, and a lot of this relates to no longer ignoring things about yourself that you may not have liked.

In Tyler’s words he describes All Smiles as being “like a chronological realtime discovering of oneself and taking control of the subconscious that I may or may not have found to be negative and tried to ignore. So as the CD progresses, it doesn’t necessarily follow a linear timeline, but it goes through what goes into opening yourself up to yourself and admitting to yourself that you are the good and the bad inside of you and the more you ignore the bad, the more power you give the bad.”

With this in mind, it’s interesting to re-listen to the album with ‘new ears’, and let the song meanings reveal themselves in a new way. The tenth track “Closer To Me” very clearly now is able to be seen as a conversation between those two parts of conscious and subconscious, as well as a direct invitation for them to connect.

“Do you mind if I stay
Do you care if I stick close to you
I have lived in your skin so long
You let me out
And now you’ll see me”

Once the subconscious is seen/noticed, it can’t be unseen and “Closer To Me” seems to be navigating a new relationship with the two, for better or for worse.

As a Sworn In track “Closer To Me” may not be as hectically heavy as long-term fans would like, as it has more of a curiosity vibe to it than anger fueled fight.

There’s still screamed sections in amongst the expansive clean choruses, and beautiful bass deepness. An impressive guitar focused section perfectly reflects the two ‘parts’ negotiating with each other to working together inside this human being.

“Why don’t you
Come closer?”



Kel Burch

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