Sun Arcana – Fracture (New Music)

Essex band Sun Arcana have just released their debut EP As I Take A Breath via Easy Life Records. The EP’s first track “Fracture” was recently released as a single, along with a tough to watch video.

According to Sun Arcana’s guitarist Harry Acreman, “These songs embody a sort of ‘twisted fantasy’ theme. They don’t necessarily tie into each other but they all relate back to the fantasies that everybody has at some point but are too afraid to share. We’ve been sitting on these songs for a long time, so to finally release them for everyone to hear is the best.”

“Fracture” is riff heavy, with raw and explorative vocals. The track has a vibe of unlocking something within; peeling a layer away to reveal more of oneself. This is tentatively done, with vulnerable moments at the verses and brashness seeming like a scramble to hide again. It’s tough to watch this anguished self-perspective shown in the music video, where one is pushed to fight back against the cage that contains him, before he loses himself.

Harry Acreman opens up about “Fracture”, sharing that it was written about “calling someone out on all of their BS, whether its related to you or in general. Stop lying and stirring and say it to my face.”  He adds that the video was made by Rolling Vision, and was filmed in a “super gritty and cool scrap yard in Stoke”.

Check out “Fracture”, and listen to As I Take A Breath now, streaming via Spotify.


Kel Burch

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