Stuck Out – Linger – Stripped Back (New Music)

Stomping on our hearts yet again, Melbourne based Stuck Out have released a breath-taking stripped back version of their song “Linger”. Building to the upcoming You Won’t Come Home Tour, the alt-rock/punk five piece is demonstrating their immense musical talent by completely recreating “Linger”. They have gotten rid of the harsher elements of an already beautifully written song, and have made it feel somehow more heart-wrenching. Stuck Out are made up of Josh Walker (vocals), Ian Browney (guitar), Bren Dugan (guitar), Sheldon Schuyler (bass), and Lachy Lydiard (drums).

Smooth harmonic electric guitar combines with soft peaceful vocals to take us by the hand, and guide us through the story of this song. Working in piano, acoustic guitar, and delicate percussion, this dreamlike state of “Linger” suits the lyrics perfectly. As a crucial part of the “You Won’t Come Home” narrative, the haunting story of nightmarish mourning turns up the emotion levels in this form of the song.

Following the protagonist that is constantly begging for closure from a lost loved one, the rawness and beauty of “Linger” stripped back makes this story more painful. The addition of the piano adds an overarching solemn feeling, while the ringing and echoing guitar makes it feel like a nightmare, reflecting the conflicting nature of the protagonist as they helplessly doubt the reality of what they’re experiencing.

“I need to feel something from you so I can feel alive.”

Having been one of my favourites from their EP You Won’t Come Home, this version of “Linger” is an absolute treat to listen to, and the outpouring appreciation from fans on social media is overwhelming evidence of this. The following for this band continues to grow, and I’m excited to see them on their first lap of the country in late October.

Check out “Linger – Stripped Back” here:


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