Stepson: Touring, Setbacks, and New Music.

Brisbane based melodic hardcore band Stepson just completed their ‘Come with Me Tour’ along the east coast of the country. They had some setbacks, having to pull out of their own headlining shows due to illnesses, but they didn’t let them stop them from completing the tour.

After the final show, I had a chat with Jayden Ridley about what’s happening next for the band, with tours, festivals and their first full-length album.

How do you feel now the tour’s over?

Ahh relieved I guess. I’m happy with it. Its just a bit disappointing putting heaps of effort into it and having heaps things go wrong. But that’s part of it and if you can’t handle and adapt to it then you’re probably not cut out for touring so you’ve got to roll with the punches and keep getting back up. We’ll be better and healthier next time.

So you’ve got the tour with The Brave next month. That’ll be sick.

I’m really excited for that. We toured with The Brave last year back in July with Dream on Dreamer. We just clicked with them so much. They’re just the best bunch of guys. Really talented musicians. So when the guy rang and asked me if we’d be interested in going on their new single tour, I jumped at it. It’s actually going to be really exciting. We’re going to be jumping in a van. Both bands in the little van and we’ll doing the east coast. We’re looking forward to it. Doing a very DIY, being our own drivers, our own roadie, it’ll old school touring.

Our last couple of tours have been broken ones; split over a couple of weekends and stuff like that, so it’s not heaps feasible to drive… Prior to that, like our last two years of touring; its always been cramming into a car with a dingy trailer, driving around Australia. It’s cool.

Is there much more new music coming?

Yeah we’re working towards a full length. Which is pretty exciting, our debut full-length. We’ve got a handful of songs written and some of them are probably the best we’ve ever done, and others ones I think are really crap and probably won’t even get on the album. But that’s part of the writing process and it’s all pretty exciting. Just hearing it start from nothing and build it’s way up. We all live apart so it’s a really weird way to do it. We don’t really get in a room and jam and work stuff out. We just bounce ideas between each other. We’ll just record a shitty little guitar riff, or Benno will just be driving somewhere, and be tapping out the drums on the steering wheel and then be like “this is my sick idea” and we’ll be like “okay” haha.

How often do you actually get together?

Pretty much just for shows. We’re pretty much just a touring band now. We’re split up a little bit. Brock’s on the Gold Coast. I live in a small country town; Casino. Geordie was in Sydney, Rob was in Canberra and Benno was in Bega. So we were pretty much spread across the whole east coast. Now it’s a lot better. Four of us are like in a central sort of area. Nick and Rob live in Brisbane, Brock’s still on the Gold Coast and I’m just south of the border. And then Jordan, our new drummer, he lives in Melbourne. He’s sort of like a fly-in, fly-out drummer for us. Which is pretty cool. So if we have a tour that starts in Brisbane, he flies up and travels down with us. But actually getting together and doing stuff, we have like one rehearsal before doing a tour together so it’s like “I hope this works” haha. I like to think we’re pretty good by the end of tour haha.. because we get like seven practices while we’re gong along.

Any festivals or anything coming up?

Ahh… Maybe haha yeah we’ve got some shows booked that we’re really excited about. No real deets yet but we’re looking forward to it. We’re filling out the rest of our year now, and working into next year. We’re recording our album at the end of the year so hopefully that opens up a few opportunities, if it’s good.

I’m sure it will be! What kind of music do you listen to in your spare time?

I’ve sort of changed over the last couple of years. I use to be straight-up metalcore/riff guy, just that angsty little teen. Actually I’ve split 50/50. It was old-school high school emo stuff; Taking Back Sunday, Hawthorne Heights. Thats like high school to me but also, Aussie riff-lords like Parkway Drive and stuff like that. Still to this day, Parkway are my favourite band. I don’t really listen to them very often but every time I hear them I’m like “that’s right, they’re the best”. But recently I’ve sort of been listening to a bit more like chiller sort of stuff. I mean we go on tour, and we hear heavier bands play all the time. It’s still in my opinion the most exciting genre for live music and I still like listening to it but because I hear it every night, i’ll be like driving in the car and be vibing out to some shitty pop song and I’m like “oh my god, teenage me would hate me”.

What’s your go-to song?

Umm.. I mean anything Parkway I’m like “sick” but if I could be any band from a playing sort of view, I would be like The Killers – Hot Fuss. ‘Mr Brightside’. That’s my song. It’s probably a very generic shitty answer I love that song.

Stepson are supporting The Brave for their Ethereal tour in September.

Dates and info can be found here

They are also on the Invasion Fest line-up for December

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