Byron Bay indie rock band PLTS (said “pilots”) will be one of the 130+ artists sharing their music as part of Brisbane’s BIGSOUND Festival next week.

I’m loving “Spill” which was released on 25th August. The trio’s warm and relaxed rock and honeyed vibes are comfortable and familiar from the first listen.

“Spill” tries to find footing in a world that feels inside out and upside down, trying to reassure a lover in the meantime. “Spill”s strong choruses have an escaping-for-better-things roadtrip vibe, and it’s way too easy to fall in love with the song.

The vocals are both rock-edged cool, as well as emotively soaring later in the track. The bridge is a stand-out, with a wish for stability called out powerfully:

“Peace, just give me a chance”

There’s a lot to love about “Spill” and the PLTS sound which seems chilled, genuine, as well as addictive.

BIGSOUND Festival takes place in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley from 5th-8th September.

Where to catch PLTS at BIGSOUND

  • The Brightside Outdoor Stage
  • Thursday, 7th September
  • 9:10PM – 9:40PM

Get yourself a ticket and learn more about what’s happening at BIGSOUND by checking out the website:


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