State Champs – Dead And Gone (New Music)

Pop punk is out in full as State Champs have released a brand new music video for their new song “Dead and Gone”. They’ve also announced a new album titled Living Proof, which will be released on June 15 through Pure Noise Records. State Champs are from Albany, New York, and are made up of Derek DiScanio on vocals, Tyler Szalkowski and Tony Diaz on guitar, Ryan Graham on bass and Evan Ambrosio on drums. With State Champs a staple of US pop punk for years, Living Proof will be heavily anticipated, and because of this we dove into “Dead and Gone” to have a good look.

“Dead and Gone” is about a break up, where one person has left the other with no thought about it, and have regretted their decision to do so. It speaks of moving on after such an event, and how one can be better off because of such a thing happening. It is really about waking up to yourself because of a bad break up and realising that that person wasn’t even close to what you really needed.

It features a very upbeat use of guitar and drums, as it forms an upbeat classic pop punk sound that will keep the crowd moving, as well as soothing them with the soft vocals in the verses and making them yell for the catchy chorus.

As for the video itself, it follows a man as he runs through the city trying to escape some people who are chasing him. The people are wearing monkey masks, and they chase him throughout the whole video as it cuts between this storyline and shots of the band rocking out in a shed. Its a fun little narrative to follow whilst enjoying some classic pop punk tunes.

Living Proof is out June 15, and check out the video for the new track “Dead and Gone” below. You can also pre-order Living Proof



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