Speech Patterns – Were You Nervous? (New Music)

It’s pretty clear by now that Jacksonville based Speech Patterns have a knack for making incredible songs. They take what seems like painstaking care behind the scenes with their creations before presenting them to the world. Formed in 2015, all nine songs under their belt (including an acoustic version of “Numb”) are stunning morsels of sound, showing that Speech Patterns are as at home in subdued and gentle melodics as they are in earth-shattering walls of heaviness.

“Were You Nervous?” easily fills any absence that fans might have felt since the release of Without A Sound last year. From its opening moments we’re faced with the tender vocal stylings of Eric Suarez and a gentle twanging riff, and the Speech Patterns adoration instantly floods back.

“Is it you I fell into?”

“Were You Nervous?” features dreamy and flowing verses and a voice of wondering as to what is going on. It’s surprising to me how a simple inhalation and momentary pause can seem so meaningful, and yet it does. A thumping drum-centric chorus, along with climbing guitar and aching vocals hits memorable peaks that are just so good. After a thoughtful interlude of sorts, the track’s second verse leans into a percussive focus before grounding bass pushes us into a weightier sound.

It’s a stunning open moment of instrumental serenity at the bridge, with again a ‘What’s happening?’ vibe of wondering. Without so much as a warning though, Speech Patterns rip us from serenity into tension created by wailing guitar and vocal savagery; a reminder of the spectrum of sounds that this humble band is capable of.

As “Were You Nervous?” comes to a close and we return to the first verse lyrically, it vibes like we’re stuck in a cycle of the same old thing. With a sharp inhalation and a pregnant pause, the blast out into a final chorus and a wistful ending is sheer perfection.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to the fresh single via YouTube below, and all of the usual streaming places. Speech Patterns are Eric Suarez (vocals & guitar), Brandon Sandoval (bass) and Daniel Potenza (drums).


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