SEVER – Paper Planes (New Music)

Following on from where they left off late last year with “Static Scream”, SEVER are back with a new single AND what might very well be one of the best music videos of 2018. The new track is the latest from the alternative rock/post-hardcore band from Riga, Latvia, consisting of Leonīds Korenevskis (vocals), Pavel Trebukhin (lead guitars), Iļja Peškovs (bass), Stanislavs Kobelevs (rhythm guitars) and Jevģēnijs Bratuščenkovs (drums).

“Paper Planes” is a retro-tastic nostalgia fest for everything 90s, including music, movies, and Microsoft Windows 98. This of course includes Clippy; the most ‘helpful’ MS Word assistant. Created by TRE FILM, “Paper Planes”‘s music video is a ‘lyric video’ stretched to its creative extreme, forming a tense experience of whether to reminisce or forget, to rekindle or let go.

SEVER shared with us a little more about the video, saying “The video for “Paper Planes” tells a story about a man who tries to express his feelings by writing a love letter, but “voices” inside his head try to prevent him from doing this. And right after the message has been finally sent, there is an immediate feeling of regret. However, there’s nothing you can do about it anymore.”  And what better way to represent regret metaphorically than with a Blue Screen Of Death, before the entire computer goes up in flames?!

Of the visual theme, the band shared with us that it ties into their upbringing as well as their sound. “Since we all grew up in 90s-00s era, we really wanted to have that retro vibe in our video, and thought that using a Windows 98 theme would blend perfectly with old-school synths and 8bit melody we used in this song!”

With gritty vocals and an urging pace, “Paper Planes” hints at a desire of losing oneself to the full forces of another; a consuming or even damaging love. SEVER craft tension of inner argument through the track, where part of oneself seeks safety and another part seeks the fire, regardless of the outcome.

Though I’m more personally a fan of the emotive and heavy “Static Scream” than the synth flavoured newbie, “Paper Planes” is another slice of SEVER that’s well worth checking out! Watch and enjoy:


Kel Burch

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